I'm In A Box Music Video HD + Lyrics

(Shortayyyy) Aww Daddy
Get your blankies ready its about to go down
We about to create a media circus
Daddys ****ing crazy lets go somewhere he aint never gonna find us
Im in a Box!

I’m in a box (I’m in a box)
I’m in a box (I’m in a box)
Everybody look at me cause I’m hiding in a box
I’m in a box (I’m in a box)
I’m in a box
Take a good hard look at the mother*** box

I’m in a box mommy-daddy take a look at me
In a dark, dark attic, up above the G
Thats garage, G, reporters all up on my jock,
But they cant find me, cuz Im in a mother*** box!

Take a picture, trick (trick) hes in a box, goon (goon)
So why does yall keep starin, up at that balloon?
I got my big bro, he says Im flyin higher
He said I climbed up in, liar liar pants on fire!

I aint on no balloon, thats some Disney sh**
Im in the attic mommy-daddy, watching sumin legit
This aint no weather balloon, this is real as it gets
Hes in a box mommy-daddy, don’t you ever forget

I’m in a box and, it’s really dark and
Yall think Im in the sky, cuz my name is Falcon?
Im the best kept secret, like Anne Franks diary
Its so quiet, shhh, like an old nuns priory
{Shut the *** up! Im nappin hard here!!!)

**** beds, I’m in a box, mommy-daddy (mommy-daddy)
**** ground, I climb attics, mommy-daddy (mommy-daddy)
Take naps with my toys, mommy-daddy(yeah)
Hush, go to bed, dont make noise, mommy-daddy

Hey ma, if you could see me now (see me now)
C-N-N on the tv now (TV now)
Get an agent in LA somehow (LA somehow)
My dad on Wife Swap 2? Anything is possible!

Yeah, never thought I’d be on TV
Everybodys been looking for me (yeah)
FAA~!! Yall cant find me
Never thought I’d be in a box
Have everyone calling the cops
Believe me when I say, my–my dad told me we did it for the show.


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