Warranty companies are generally independently operated organizations to ensure the safety 먹튀검증업체

and reliability of services provided on platforms such as online gambling sites and game sites. These guarantors play a number of roles to provide a safe environment for players and ensure fair game results and accurate payments.

Warranty companies primarily perform the following roles:

License verification: The warranty company verifies that the online gambling site or game site complies with the laws and regulations of its jurisdiction.

This ensures that the site has a legitimate license and provides a safe and reliable environment for players.

Game Fairness Verification: Warranties verify the fairness of the game and ensure that the results are not tampered with or interfered with by the outside world.

To this end, we evaluate the accuracy of random number generators (RNGs) and the integrity of the game results.

Financial Transaction Validation: Guarantors ensure that players’ deposit and withdrawal transactions are handled safely and accurately.

This ensures that players’ funds are protected and that legitimate payments are made.

Dispute Resolution: Guarantors act as arbitrators in the event of disputes between players and the site.

Protect players’ rights and interests by investigating disputes and offering fair solutions.

Warranty companies typically operate as independent and neutral organizations, providing players with reliability and safety. However, the reliability and reliability of the warranty company may vary,

so it is recommended that you look at the warranty company’s reputation, reliability, and certification criteria when choosing.


eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance)

eCOGRA is one of the best-known guarantors in the online gambling industry. As an independent verification body, they evaluate the fairness

and safety of online gambling sites and grant official certification. eCOGRA validates various aspects such as game fairness, player protection, and technical security.

iTech Labs: iTech Labs is an independent gaming certification and testing lab that evaluates online gambling sites and game software providers.

Perform RNG tests, integrity verification of game results, and technical security evaluations to verify the fairness and reliability of the game.

Gaming Laboratories International (GLI): GLI is an international organization that provides game certification and testing services.

Assess compliance with local regulatory compliance and technical specifications with online gambling sites. GLI performs RNG testing, technical security assessment, and system error verification.

Technical Systems Testing (TST): TST is an independent technical testing lab for online gambling sites and game software providers. Perform RNG evaluation, game fairness verification, player protection evaluation, etc. to ensure a safe and fair game experience.

In addition, there are various warranties, each operating independently and working with a compliant online gambling site to provide players with reliability and safety. When players choose an online gambling site, it is important to ensure that it is certified by a trusted guarantor.